Jagriti is Happy hours of our life.

...and the little lives with us. Jagriti provides free education to the underpriviledge children of nearby villages. We provide clothing and other basic amenities to improve their lifestyle. We are giving shape to the future of these small children.

We here at Jagrati not only educate the children but also cultivate cultural values to them and improve their personality.

At Jagriti we help these little kids to find their talents and shape their future life.

"Education does not produce money, education produces wisdom, money is the side product"

We regularly visit the villages around us and come to know the various problems faced byu the people. Today we have more than 300 students and 80 members working for the deelopment of the social & mental status of nearby society. We here at Jagriti, not only educate the children but also cultivate cultural values to them and to improve their personality.

Today, Jagriti has reached heights and gained a lots of popularity. But the real success that it has achieved is the love and support of people.

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What We Get ... ???

May be this question troubling you the most.
What we get by doing all this ?
The answer is very simple...
We get a hope for the bright future of our country which we wish to see...!!!

We feel proud to be JAGRATIAN

We are serving our nation at a superior level as darkness of each kind can be removed by the light of education.

Our team is trying to explore the idea of Jagriti and many students studying in different institutes have aquired the idea of doing great deeds.